The world of kitchen cabinets has never been at ease ever since RTA cabinets came into being. These unique modern-style drawers are remarkable in numerous aspects, all of which make them outdo several cabinetry designs. 

Presently, RTA cabinets are easier to find than many types of conventional cabinets. In this article, we aim to explore RTA kitchen cabinets; that is, their features, types, and how to work with them as well as where to find them. 

If you are by any chance intrigued by RTA cabinets, read on to know everything about them. 

Features that Describe RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, there are two broad types of kitchen cabinets, as far as how they come when bought is concerned. When purchased, conventional cabinets are delivered in a fully-constructed or pre-installed format. After being bought, all they need is to be fixed into an interior. 

RTA kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are delivered as separate parts, components, and fixtures, all of which their owner must put together. Here are the most notable traits of RTA cabinets. 

  1. Versatility

Like several varieties of traditional and modern kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinets exist in numerous varieties. In terms of color, you can find different varieties of these drawers, from single to double-toned designs. Regarding design outlook or appearance, there are tens of traditional and modern-style RTA kitchen cabinets, all of which are impressive in terms of outlook, convenience in usage, etc. 

  1. Flexibility

When it comes to ease of cabinet outfitting and customization, RTA cabinets stand tall as the go-to cabinetry designs of many. Because they come as parts and components, one can easily modify them in terms of size, layout etc. Moreover, their ready-to-install format makes them easier to transport and work with compared to generic cabinets. While using them requires a bit of knowledge related to cabinet installation, parts of RTA cabinets are effortless to put together. 

  1. Pocket-Friendly Pricing

You can also distinguish RTA kitchen cabinets, thanks to the cost of buying them. These drawers are sold at cheaper prices everywhere because they donโ€™t involve the costs of installation and are remarkably easier to transport. At a time when the cost of living is denting lives everywhere, RTA cabinets are enjoying popularity everywhere. As it seems, many homeowners are going for them as pocket-friendly interior design dรฉcor materials. 

Types of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

As we have already noted, RTA cabinets are versatile. These drawers come in multiple types. But the most distinguishable are; 

  • Traditional RTA Kitchen Cabinets

While the structure or format in which they are sold is completely modern, traditional RTA cabinets are classic fashion in terms of everything, including color and material features. You will always find them in traditional colors and with fewer ornamental features as is the case of any other traditional-style cupboard design. 

You can go for them unless you donโ€™t admire classic fashion. They are functional, amazing in terms of appearance, and most importantly, cheap. The most admirable types of traditional RTA cupboards include the following; 

  • RTA farmhouse kitchen cabinets
  • RTA distressed kitchen cabinets
  • Shaker-style RTA kitchen cabinets
  • Modern RTA Cabinets

These types of RTA cabinets are typically meant for modern homes. Generally speaking, their highlights include luxurious accessories, high-end materials, and contemporary shades. Like their traditional counterparts, modern-style RTA cupboards are versatile. Their most known varieties feature frameless designs, all of which are appealing in terms of everything, from outlooks to practicability and access. 

How to Work with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

As of now, you are certain that RTA kitchen cabinets are easier to work with. Besides the ease of transporting them, these drawers are easier to customize; which is why they can be installed in any interior regardless of its size or layout. 

To ensure you reap more from RTA cabinets when styling the interior of your kitchen, just do the following; 

  1. Determine the Size and Layout of your Kitchen 

Knowing the size and layout of the kitchen interior you are planning to fix them into is the first thing to do regarding using RTA cabinets in interior design. If you are aware of the size and layout of an interior, you can easily modify RTA cabinets according to its needs. 

The size and layout of an interior can also tell you how to work with RTA cabinets in terms of mixing them with colors and other materials. For example, if an interior is smaller in size, you can pair the RTA cabinets in it with lighter colors, depending on their shade. This way, the interior can seem somewhat larger than it is. 

  1. Learn How to Install RTA Cabinets

Considering that RTA cabinets come in un-installed formats, you must know how to put their different parts together to go about working with them effortlessly. To learn how to install RTA kitchen cabinets, you can search for review articles on the same online. There are tens of articles reviewing proven tips for installing RTA cabinets. 

Apart from reading articles online, you can also consult professionals in the cabinet design and manufacturing industry or friends and acquaintances with experience in installing cabinets to learn how to fix RTA cupboard designs. 

Where to Find RTA Kitchen Cabinets

 Arguably, the best places to find RTA kitchen cabinets are online shopping platforms. As is the case of learning tips for installation, online review articles can help you determine the best e-commerce sites to buy RTA cupboards from. 

Nevertheless, you can also find RTA cabinet designs in several land-based furniture showrooms located within or near your location. But regardless of whether you choose to make your purchase virtually or physically, you must consider the following when buying RTA cabinets. 

  • Cabinet material quality
  • Cabinet cost of purchase and installation
  • Cabinet design features, for example, color and other styling options


RTA kitchen cabinets, both traditional and modern-style, are preferable as far as post-modern kitchen interior design is concerned. Besides the fact that they are easy to customize, these kitchen drawers are cheap, versatile, and perfect for all interior designs, all of which are reasons why they are not a fad.  

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