Overlay patches are a type of adhesive patch that is applied on top of a medical device to improve its adherence to the skin. Overlay patches can be used with a variety of medical devices, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, insulin pumps, and blood pressure monitors.

Overlay patches are typically made of a thin, flexible material that is comfortable to wear and allows the skin to breathe. They are also waterproof and sweatproof, so they can be worn for long periods of time without falling off.

Overlay patches offer a number of benefits for people who use medical devices:

  • Improved device adherence: Overlay patches can help to improve device adherence by keeping the device securely in place, even during physical activity or while sleeping. This can help to ensure that the device is always working properly and providing accurate data.
  • Reduced skin irritation: Overlay patches can help to reduce skin irritation caused by Medical device. The soft, flexible material of the patch helps to protect the skin from the adhesive on the device.
  • Increased confidence: Overlay patches can help people to feel more confident about using their medical devices. Knowing that the device is securely in place can help to reduce anxiety and worry.

Overlay patches are also a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use solution. They are available without a prescription and can be applied in just a few minutes.

Here are some tips for using overlay patches:

  • Make sure that the skin is clean and dry before applying the patch.
  • Remove any hair from the area where the patch will be applied.
  • Center the patch over the medical device and press down firmly.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in the patch.
  • Check the patch regularly to make sure that it is still securely in place.

Overlay patches can be a valuable tool for people who use medical devices. They can help to improve device adherence, reduce skin irritation, and increase confidence.

Here are some examples of how overlay patches are being used today:

  • People with diabetes: Overlay patches are commonly used by people with diabetes who use CGM systems and insulin pumps. Overlay patches can help to keep these devices in place, even during exercise and sleep.
  • Athletes: Overlay patches can be used by athletes to keep their heart rate monitors and other fitness trackers in place during workouts.
  • People with allergies: Overlay patches can be used by people with allergies to keep their air purifiers and other medical devices in place.

Overlay patches are a simple and effective solution for improving device adherence for a variety of people. If you use a medical device, consider using an overlay patch to improve your experience.

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