Any nonprofit group who has ever done a car wash fundraiser has probably seen the local carwash owner drive-by and perhaps they wonder what he was thinking. Well, having been in the carwash industry for 27 years I can tell you exactly what he was thinking. He was considering that you have stolen many customers on a very busy Saturday, which he could’ve made a lot of money off of.

He is also thinking that his carwash does a better job than your car wash fundraiser and that you do a disservice to the carwash industry by doing such lousy work. But the reality of the matter is 50% of the people who go to car washes are not satisfied with the carwash’s job either. Carwash owners, whereas they like to support the community, hate to see carwash fundraisers to take away their business.

Perhaps you cannot blame them. Nevertheless it is imperative that your car wash fundraiser makes lots of money so your nonprofit group only has to do one instead of several to earn the same amount of money, which inevitably would upset the 2in1 carwash even more.

If you are concerned about upsetting the local carwash who also gives money to the local community then perhaps you might wish to hand out coupons for the carwash at your carwash fundraiser, as a nice thing to do. Simply go talk to the carwash advance and collect a handful coupons and give them to all the cars that come through. Please consider this in 2006.

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